How do I order for pick up?

Because we're a small bakery and custom bake each and every order, we require all orders to be placed at least 48 hours in advance. Take a look at all our options for ordering online (cakes! cupcakes! donuts! gluten free!) or give us a call (612) 238-1435 and we'll help you out old school style.

Missed our 48 hour deadline? No worries! Our bakery case is overflowing every morning with fresh baked goodies the minute our pearly gates swing open... stop in and we'll be happy to help you. Please note that we carry a wide range of delectable, delicious treats on a daily basis, but do not carry any pre-made cakes.

CURBSIDE PICKUP: Pull up to the 15-minute meter (under the red Hell's Kitchen awning) and give us a call (612) 238-1435, and unless we're super swamped, we'll run your order right out to your car!


Can I order for delivery?

You betcha! We offer delivery to downtown Minneapolis and other Twin Cities areas, so start dreaming of cupcakes, donuts and other lovely sweets delivered directly to your office get-togethers, graduation parties, showers and other celebrations... or even sent to your clients as a surprise gift!

For delivery orders you MUST add a delivery option to your cart:

  1. Select DELIVERY from our main menu

  2. Select the correct delivery zone & ADD IT TO YOUR CART

In order to ensure accuracy, all deliveries MUST be placed through our website and 48 hours in advance.

Can I order for shipping?

Have friends and family that sadly live too far away from the bakery? They can still enjoy a little slice of heaven when you order a sweet treat to be shipped to them! Our pastry chefs will personally bake your special treats, tuck them into a colorful box and whisk them away to your friends, family and clients all over the USA! Because we're a small bakery and custom bake each and every order, we require all orders to be placed at least 48 hours in advance. 


When ordering, please keep in mind that transit times are in ADDITION to the 48 hours we require for processing and baking all orders.

We use USPS Priority Mail for all shipping, please allow an additional 2 to 3 days for the Post Office to get it to you. 

At checkout, you can specify an arrival date for when you would like the goodies to arrive by. Please keep in mind that transit times are aprox and we are not responsible once the package is at USPS. 



Sorry, we do not ship outside of the USA because of food customs. If we receive an international order, we will not ship it and will refund the entire purchase. 


Allergies and other dietary restrictions?

As a courtesy to customers, we offer a variety of swoon-worthy baked goods with options to meet your dietary & allergen needs, including gluten free, dairy free, vegan & egg-free. Although we make earnest attempts to do things right, it's critical that you know we are NOT a certified facility for processing these items. We handle all types of flours, eggs, dairy, nuts & other ingredients and there is always a possibility for cross-contamination. If you have any dietary or allergen needs, please consume our products AT YOUR OWN RISK. 


Can I get a sculpted or custom designed cake?

We're SO sorry, but we do not offer sculpted cakes. Our tiny space does not have room to store all the different equipment we might need, our workbench does not all us to spread out, and our cake frostings are made with real buttercream instead of rolled-out fondant.

With the exception of wedding cakes, we do not offer custom designed cakes as our tiny bakery staff is working their butts off (literally!) trying to keep up with our normal production orders. We have designed an amazing menu of cakes to fit all types of celebrations.


How Do I Care for My New Baked Babies?

While we make everything as fresh as possible for you, we understand that sometimes you can't enjoy your treats right away. Here's our "Best Practice" guidelines:

Donuts: Best eaten the same day, but if you're ok with day-olds they are best kept in the box or bag they came in, just make sure it's closed. Do not refrigerate, unless there's a cream filling.

Cupcakes: We typically think cupcakes are good for about 2-3 days. Chocolate tends to last longer then vanilla based and if you have anything other than buttercream frosting please keep in the refrigerator. All cupcakes should be brought to room temp for about a hour for best flavor & texture.

Cakes: Un-cut cakes can typically get a good 2-4 days (again with chocolate lasting longer then vanilla). Please keep cakes in the refrigerator until the day you're planning on serving. At that point give them enough time to come to room temp (roughly 2-4 hours depending on size and temp) for best flavor & texture. While we can't promise anything, we've been known to snack on leftover cake for over a week (shhh... don't tell our Crossfit coaches!). 


Can I order wholesale?

Thank you for your interest, but because we try to keep our prices reasonable for all customers, we're unable to offer a wholesale discount.


Payments & Cancellations

Payment due when order is placed.

Cancel 48 or more hrs in advance: Full refund. 

Cancel 24-48 hrs in advance: 75% refund.

Cancel less than 24 hrs in advance: Sorry, no refund...we’ve already started.

Prices subject to change without notice.


Donation & Fundraising Requests

First, thanks for thinking of our bakery for your fundraiser. Unfortunately, we have to pass on donation opportunities (gift cards or food) because soaring costs have made our margins razor thin. Rent, for example, is significantly higher in our central downtown location than in other parts of town. To keep our prices competitive, we had to make some difficult choices, but we hope this makes sense. Best wishes on a successful event.


Any other questions?

Please contact us with any other questions regarding ordering, media requests, kudos or concerns.