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Welcome to our one-of-a-kind bakery where we make everything from scratch in small batches, using the best stuff we can get our hands on. Grab a coveted counter stool and watch us in action as we decorate cupcakes, knead dough, and put the finishing touches on a beautiful array of sweets from hot fresh donuts to exquisite wedding cakes.

Angel Food Bakery + Donut Bar. Real down-to-earth people who work their asses off day & night so you can waltz through the gates of heaven for a to-die-for sinfully sweet experience. 

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Real people.

Real ingredients.

Real bakery.


When you walk into Angel Food, you’re walking straight into a real working bakery. You’ll see us whirling about, baking fresh cookies, rolling out donut doughs, mixing up cake batter, and frantically running to the big ovens once the timers buzz loudly. And yes, you’ll occasionally hear some swearing when something doesn’t rise correctly or something burns or doesn’t taste as planned and we have to dump it and have to start all over. Welcome to our world!

Sound like fun? Grab a front row seat and watch as we add each and every ingredient, starting with cracking organic, locally sourced eggs and moving onto things your grandma would be proud to use: flour, milk, sugar & butter. Lots of butter. 






The Future is Sugary

Your big day is our big day. Let's have fun together. 

"This is, without a doubt, the coolest urban bakery in the country."

— Thrillist

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Katy (Owner/Pastry Chef): Mostly the "bad cop" or the dad of the bakery, she's focused, driven & expects perfection. She's also not that scary once you get to know her. And she's short. Real short.

Cynthia (Owner): She's the backbone of the business, moves at the speed of light and even has her own language "Cyn-glish." And she doesn’t even bake! Once, she tried to bake cookies, but got confused when she flipped them over to "cook the other side." Teeheehee. 

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We would be nothing without our amazing team surrounding us!