Personalized JuJu Donut Dolls

Personalized JuJu Donut Dolls


Hearts and romance and all that lovey-dovey, ooey-gooey stuff isn't for everyone am I right? Here's your chance to take a little sweet revenge*** into your own hands and personalize your own cherry-berry guts filled EVIL JuJu Donut Doll! We'll even throw in some sugar "glass" shards so you can get stabby with it. 


Maybe your true love is out there and just not noticing you yet (c'mon Ryan Gosling... we've tweeted at you a million times!). Toss a little extra luck into the world with our gummy heart arrows and GOOD JuJu Donut Doll. You never know when love will hit a bullseye.

FREE PERSONALIZATION: Once added to your cart you will be prompted to write in the personalization that you want (please double check your spelling!).

Please note, because we custom bake your order, all orders MUST be placed at least 48 hours in advance. Valentine’s items are ONLY available for order between Friday, Feb 8th - Friday, Feb 15th.

***actual hexing properties not guaranteed and of course we would NEVER condone real revenge. Just drowning our sorrows with a little bit of fun and a lot a bit of sugar!

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