Customizable SPOOKY Message Donuts

Customizable SPOOKY Message Donuts

from 39.00

Our Create-Your-Own Custom Message Donuts have received attention from coast to coast in magazines as well as food blogs and our creepy, crawly, SPOOKY donuts will certainly be the talk of the town at your Halloween costume party!

Our SPOOKY message donuts can spell out anything and we'd love to see what you come up with... "Happy Halloween!" "Let's Get Spooky" "Fright Night".... anything goes!

Our custom message donuts start with 13 letters and you can add additional letters for $2.25 each. Please note exclamation points (!), plus signs (+) and question marks (?) are available for punctuation, but count as a letter. Once added to your cart you will be prompted to write in the custom saying that you want (please double check your spelling!).

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