NEW! Vegan Donuts

NEW! Vegan Donuts

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VEGAN DONUTS ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ONLY ON THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS (As we assess their popularity, we may continue to add in more days and/or more options)

True story: One of our vendors brought us a sample of vegan donut mix about a year ago to try out. We do not use mix for any of our products as we have always focused on scratch baking, but we thought it could be a good way to bring in vegan donuts. Sadly the final product did not live up to our standards. Rather than giving up and saying “oh well,” our donut manager (yes, that’s a real job!) took it upon herself and has worked tirelessly over the past year to develop a vegan donut dough…. and guess what?!? It’s AHH-MAZE-ING! We think you’d be hard pressed to pick it out of a classic donut lineup. So now we’re offering them up in some of our most popular donut flavors!

***Our vegan donuts contain no dairy, eggs, honey or meat. We DO use soy milk in our vegan donuts and they are fried in the same fryer as our normal donuts (no meat goes into the fryer, but products containing eggs & dairy do). Please read our full dietary disclaimer here.***

Flavor Choices:

  • Chef’s Choice - an assortment of our most popular vegan donut flavors listed below (at least 4 flavors minimum in each assortment)

  • Classic Glazed

  • Chocolate Kid’s Choice (sprinkles)

  • Vanilla Kid’s Choice (sprinkles)

  • Blushing Berry - vanilla icing w/ strawberry sugar

  • Saturday Morning Cartoons - vanilla icing w/ fruity pebbles

  • You Want Samoa This? - caramel icing w/ coconut & chocolate

  • The Lisa Frank - vanilla icing w/ sprinkles & funfetti sprinkle buttercream filling

Please note, because we custom bake your order, all orders MUST be placed at least 48 hours in advance. 

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