Joe-to-Go FOLLY Coffee Carafe

Joe-to-Go FOLLY Coffee Carafe


We’re so excited to be the first place in the Twin Cities to proudly carry Folly Coffee!

Getting breakfast treats for the crew? Need a pick-me-up for your afternoon “snooze fest”….(umm, we mean meeting)? Add a Joe-to-Go with your order and we’ll get you that coffee IV stat!

  • 96oz (aprox 9-10 cups)

  • Cups, lids, creamer & sugars included

  • Choice of coffee:

    • FOLLY CLASSIC JO: Taste Profile: Balanced, Chocolatey, and Nutty. A more traditional taste, but better. “The Folly Coffee classic Jo is for the coffee drinker that likes a traditional cup of coffee, but brought up to the next level.”

    • FOLLY HOUSE BEAN: Taste profile: Fruit forward with a nice cocoa finish. A balance of bright sweetness. “The Folly Coffee House Bean may be unlike any coffee you have tried before. Many people consider coffee to be a burnt, bitter tasting beverage when drank without cream or sugar. Gross. That's not what we're about. With the light roasting method we use, the high quality beans, and the coffee farms we source from, the House Bean is deliciously fruit forward with a nice cocoa finish that will leave you wanting that next sip.”

Please note, all orders MUST be placed at least 48 hours in advance. 

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