& Events FAQ

Do you provide tastings?

We provide complimentary tastings for weddings & large events, but please keep in mind that we require a minimum $450 order for events with tastings. This is a very estimate pricing for an average 75 person event.

Our tastings are held at Angel Food Bakery and available by appointment only. They are scheduled on the hour and typically last 30-45 minutes:

  • Wednesdays (noon - 5pm, with 5pm being the latest start time)
  • Thursdays (noon - 5pm, with 5pm being the latest start time)
  • Saturdays (9am - 1pm, with 1pm being the latest start time)

Please note that there is no required minimum order for a tasting if you are a client with one of our partner venues or caterers.


Can't make it in for a sit-down tasting?

Have no fear, we can schedule a pick-up tasting as well if those dates & times don't work for you. Just select the book tasting button above, fill out the form and make sure you select "schedule pick-up."


Do I have to have a tasting?

By all means no! We personally think tastings are a great excuse to eat more cake, but if you already know you love us (awww, thanks!), don't think you'll meet the minimum pricing or just want to cross this off your to-do list then you can go ahead and get started by clicking the button below, fill out the form and we'll get you a quote ASAP. 


What should I bring to my tasting?

Bring your fiancé, bridesmaid, best man, mom, dad, sister, second-cousin, dentist or your boss... but please limit it to 4 people total (including yourself). Otherwise you end up with too many cooks in the proverbial wedding kitchen. 

Bring color swatches, lace swatches, photos of your dress, ideas, wishes and sweet dreams. We'll talk about them all and see if we can incorporate them into your wedding treats.

Oh... and bring your taste buds too. 


Can I get a sculpted, fondant or custom designed cake?

We're SO sorry, but we do not offer sculpted cakes. Our tiny space does not have room to store all the different equipment we might need, our workbench does not allow us to spread out, and like all of our cakes, our wedding cakes are made with our strict "No Fondant Allowed" policy.

While we've created a great menu of our most popular wedding cake styles, we also understand that sometimes you have a special idea in mind for your wedding cake. At your tasting you can discuss these ideas with our wedding coordinator and after that she will  work one-on-one with our head pastry chef to determine what options we are able to create for you.

Please note that custom designed cakes are only offered for weddings and will incur additional custom design fees starting at $50. 


Any other questions?

Please read through the rest of our weddings & events FAQ and if you still have questions, relating to tastings, weddings & large events, please contact our wedding team. Office days are Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Allergies and other dietary restrictions?

As a courtesy to customers, we offer a variety of swoon-worthy baked goods with options to meet you & your guests dietary & allergen needs, including gluten free, dairy free, vegan & egg-free. We can talk more in depth about dietary needs at your tasting. 

Although we make earnest attempts to do things right, it's critical that you know we are NOT a certified facility for processing these items. We handle all types of flours, eggs, dairy, nuts & other ingredients and there is always a possibility for cross-contamination. If you have any dietary or allergen needs, please consume our products AT YOUR OWN RISK.  


Do you deliver, rent cake stands, setup & pickup weddings?

Weddings & Events Delivery: Our event delivery starts at $20 within downtown limits (94 loop). Outside of downtown Minneapolis delivery starts at a $20 flat rate + $2 per mile from our location + $20 labor fee per hour driving.

We ask for a minimum of a 1 hour delivery window for all events and weddings.

Cake Stand Rental & Setup: We offer a beautiful, eclectic array of cake stands to use for your show-stopping dessert buffet, perfect for almost any venue from shabby-chic to modern glam and everything in between. 

Because we want to ensure that you are as proud of the dessert table as we are, we do require that Angel Food handles the rental and setup as a package. Unfortunately due to limitations and restrictions we can't offer just rental of our stands and we also cannot offer rental & setup for another vendor's products. 

In order to not have to charge for a return visit, we can offer that you (or a trusted guest) return the cake stands to the bakery by the following Tuesday. We leave all bags & packing supplies. Please make sure to be careful with the stands. They are fragile and we do have to charge a $45 breakage fee per piece if they are damaged (this very very rarely happens). 

Cake Stand Pickup & Breakdown: Because of our small staff working on bakers hours, we cannot offer pickup of rental stands outside of downtown Minneapolis (94 loop). For downtown events we can offer pickup/breakdown for the night of the event (before 10pm) starting at $50 or if the venue approves, we can pick up the following Monday afternoon (around 3pm) for a $30 fee. 

Please note that pricing & above information is not applicable if you are a client with one of these preferred vendors as they each have their own all-inclusive pricing structures: The Varsity TheaterLoring Pasta Bar, & Gastro Truck Catering.

Prices and rates subject to change without notice.


Deposits & Deadlines:

Wedding & Event Deposits: We know how much can change in a few months, so we don't require deposits to reserve a spot in our calendar. Keeping this in mind, we still encourage you to book your event ASAP as we work on a first-come, first-serve basis and do have times that are fully booked.

Deadlines & Cancellations: For the sake of sleeping soundly at night, we strive to have all details & payment finalized by 1 month from the event. Up until this 1 month deadline there are no cancellation fees.

 Our final final deadline is to have everything wrapped up and paid in full by 14 days from the event. Up to this point there is a 50% cancellation fee. 

Once we're within the 2 week window there are no changes or refunds offered. This is to allow proper timing and planning to ensure that your wedding or event goes p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y.

Last Minute (within 1 month) Events: Sometimes you just can't wait to get married, but your parents won't allow you to run to the courthouse and celebrate at a food truck (trust us, we tried that route)... Or sometimes your boss drops a big "can you grab treats for the big party next week" project on your lap. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your last minute event requests. While we can't promise anything, we'll do everything in our power to help you out! Payments for events within that 2-week deadline are required within 24 hours of booking and cancellation/refund policy still applies.