Angel Food Bakery + Coffee Bar
86 South 9th Street (on street level, just above Hell’s Kitchen. Look for the big red Hell’s Kitchen awning and you’re there!)
Minneapolis MN 55402

Hours: M-F 6:30am to 6:30pm…Sat & Sun 9-5

Facebook: AngelFoodMN
Twitter: @AngelFoodMN
Hells Kitchen:

The founders of Angel Food Bakery + Coffee Bar pay neurotic attention to detail and customer service. Quality isn’t just a concern; it’s imperative. Customer service isn’t just important; it’s critical to our success. You are everything to us. That said, below is contact information so we can take splendidly sweet care of you and your needs.

Weddings and other offsite events
Yes, we make wedding cakes and the buzz has grown louder and louder about our gorgeous spreads with elegant tiered platters of cakes and cupcakes. Interested? Contact but don’t wait…our boutique bakery only works with a few weddings each week and our dance card fills fast.

Classes, Bachelorette Parties, and other onsite events
We occasionally do private parties within our little bakery during off-season (October – April). Visit our Home Page on this Website and click  “Classes & Private Events” for information.

Kudos or Concerns
We value your opinion more than you’ll ever know, and take all comments seriously. Contact for a lightning-fast reply to all compliments, complaints and questions. (Though of course we hope they’re all compliments, we seriously want to hear from you if we ever dropped the ball.)

Because we have such a small staff and facility, we’re unable at this time to bake items for donations or even offer gift cards from Angel Food (which in turn will require more baking). However, do note that Hell’s Kitchen, our sister company, is a huge supporter of community non-profits. The restaurant donates its space, staff and services almost every single Sunday evening so small to mid-size organizations to can throw a fundraiser. For more information, contact

Online Orders you’ve already placed:
Placed a duplicate order by mistake? Ordered the wrong size cake? Need to change an order? NO problem, but contact immediately regarding any order you’ve already placed so we can take care of you.

Online Orders you’re wanting to place:
If you’re having a problem actually placing an order, or can’t find an item you’re trying to order, contact and she’ll help you right away. Or if the matter is urgent,  just call the order into the bakery. And even if you called your order in, Cyn does appreciate hearing about any website glitches so she can fix things for the next person trying to order ;/

Thank you for your possible interest, but because we try to keep our prices reasonable for all customers, we’re unable to offer a wholesale discount.

Our margins are razor-thin, so rather than paid or even trade advertising, we rely on our very loyal customers to spread the news about our bakery.

Image Requests
If you’re kind-hearted enough to be writing an editorial article about us and want images, well then you’re our newest best friend! Contact

Phone Numbers
Don’t you just hate companies that are happy to take your money but won’t even bother to list a phone number? Here’s ours: 612-238-1435.
And if you really-really-REALLY need to reach someone after hours, here’s Cyn’s cell number: 612-867-1919. Now don’t say we never gave you anything. And don’t even think of asking her to bake you a cake in the middle of the night (though she’d probably try).