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Weddings & Events




We’re especially honored that you’d consider us for your wedding or other very special bakery needs. Our Pastry Chef’s heart goes pitter-patter at the thought of sitting with you, gathering your input, and getting to create something special enough to never be forgotten.

For weddings and other large events, contact Katy@AngelFoodMN.com, and she’ll send you some information to start your creative wheels turning. Don’t wait though…because we pay almost neurotic attention to detail, we only work on a few weddings a week, and our dance card gets pretty full pretty early.

P.S. Don’t forget that Hell’s Kitchen has hosted weddings, wedding receptions, bachelor parties and other private events in a most unusual one-of-a-kind underground venue that serves award-winning food. See www.HellsKitchenInc.com for more information.