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Classes + Private Events

What happens after we close our gates of heaven at 6:30pm each day? NOTHING!

Which gives us a perfect opportunity to offer classes (How DO we make bread light as air? What’s the secret to our molten chocolate flourless cake? And why don’t my birthday cakes ever look professional?)

But wait! There’s more!

Private Parties are on the horizon. Ooooh, cupcakes with jello shots anyone? Champagne served with Design-Your-Own Sweets? Throw your friend a sweet birthday party (and don’t forget, we now have the craziest, cheesiest, so-awful-it’s-amazing birthday candle on earth). Bachelors will LOVE making bourbon and rum goodies. Skip that boring baby shower and bring your pals to make “It’s a boy” message donuts for dad to hand out, or the sweetest little cupcakes to take mama’s mind off those sleepless days to come.

You get the idea….so join us on Facebook (AngelFoodMN) and we’ll let you know the minute we’ve added this delicious option. Too antsy to wait? Email Cyn@AngelFoodMN and she’ll try to sweet-talk the Pastry Chefs into putting together a party for you even before we officially tell the world.