Who We Are…


Angel Food –a beautiful downtown bakery and coffee bar with pastries, cupcakes, cookies, croissants, and coffee– is owned and operated by the founders of Hell’s Kitchen. But guess what folks? This isn’t “our” bakery; it’s YOURS. Read on.

Ironically juxtaposed on the street level, literally above Hell’s Kitchen, your bakery started as a desperate need for more kitchen space downstairs –you should have heard the arguments about “whose turn it was to use the oven.” So we decided to expand out kitchen to a space up above us. But when customers heard about a full bakery finally coming downtown, their excitement and online chatter led to an epiphany: Why not also turn it into a “demonstration show bakery” so visitors could easily watch the artisans in action while we work? And to keep you rogues from pinching (aka swiping) sweets and treats destined for our downstairs restaurant diners, we could also offer our goodies for sale, so that’s how your cool bakery came about.

The Coffee Bar came at yet another “Oh My Lord” moment. We knew we wanted to offer coffee, so why not take it all the way and offer a full range of coffees without the attitude? And DUH, in keeping with our “everything made from scratch” mentality, why not even make our own coffee syrups? It was at this point that we realized Angel Food would be one of the very few non-chain, fiercely independent, serious coffee purveyors in downtown Minneapolis.

Thus was born Angel Food Bakery + Coffee Bar. Run by a family of neurotically inclined, customer-service oriented, real down-to-earth people who work their asses off day as well as all night long so you can waltz through the gates of heaven for a to-die-for religious experience. And although we’re producing baked goods as fast as we can, heaven can’t wait….get there early for the best selection.