What You Will See


Much like chefs have over the past decade, little by little, bakers are finally coming out from behind the scenes. In our case, it wasn’t some marketing ploy…it was born out of necessity because we didn’t have a huge space to bake for our downstairs restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen.

So when you walk into Angel Food, you’re walking right into a real working bakery. You’ll see us whirling about, kneading breads, rolling out cookie doughs, mixing up cheesecakes, and frantically running to the big ovens once the timers buzz loudly. And yes, you’ll occasionally hear some swearing when something doesn’t rise correctly or we’re trying to do too many things at the same time and something burns or doesn’t taste as planned and we dump it and have to star over. Welcome to our world!

Now here’s the fun part. Smack dab up against our “pastry finishing table,” where our Pastry Chef is putting the finishing touches on someone’s magnificent wedding cake, or icing cupcakes, or drizzling hot icing on a just-made donut, we have a tiny little counter with just 7 chairs that soon will be the most coveted seats in town. Fuggedabout front row seats to the Twins (hey by the way! did you know Hell’s Kitchen makes all of their meals?)…the best seats will now be those 7 coveted stools where lucky guests can buy a cup of coffee or sweet treat and watch us in action. Seven seats, Seven days a week. Yes, Sundays too….who said anything about a day of rest?