What We Make


Guess what WE found out when we started researching bakeries? Many bakeries, even the fancy pants L.A. ones, start their cakes with cake mixes out of a bag.

We start by cracking eggs. Organic, locally-sourced eggs from chickens that actually have a good life running around. We also use flour, milk, butter, and other natural, locally sourced ingredients, avoiding chemicals and impossible-to-pronounce additives. (Please note that our food coloring and sprinkles, however, cannot be guaranteed all-natural.)

Our styles are unique, modern, creative, fresh and fun. Even the folks from Martha Stewart noticed and asked us to teach some local workshops to private clients. Our apologies, but we DON’T make tall sculptured structures or character cakes with disney and other licensed characters. Not being uppity; just not our skill set.

Rather than gouge our customers, we take raw costs and labor into consideration to set pricing that’s reasonable while allowing for a fair but razor-thin profit. And actually, just to lure lunchtimers in, our $1 cookies are priced below our costs.

Each day’s selection cannot be posted online because we are a small-batch, non-automated bakery. All day long, cupcakes, cookies and pastries dance in and out of our rotation, depending on what sells out and what’s in the oven. See a favorite? Grab it right away…while we’ll keep making stuff all day long right in front of your eyes, those in the know get there early for the best selection.