Hours + Location

Open Monday – Friday 7am to 6pm*
Saturday/Sunday  9am to 5pm*
* or until we sell out, which we diligently try to avoid


HOLIDAY HOURS: We are closed on the following Holidays. Because our online ordering site does not allow us to “black out” these holidays, any orders inadvertently placed online for these days will be fully refunded.

  • New Year’s Day (open New Year’s Eve til 3pm)
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas  (open Christmas Eve til 3pm)

Angel Food Bakery + Coffee Bar
86 South 9th Street (on street level, just above Hell’s Kitchen)
Minneapolis MN 55402

Facebook: AngelFoodMN
Twitter: @AngelFoodMN
Instagram: angelfoodmn
Hells Kitchen: www.HellsKitchenInc.com

Who We Are…


Angel Food –a beautiful downtown bakery and coffee bar with pastries, cupcakes, cookies, croissants, and coffee– is owned and operated by the founders of Hell’s Kitchen. But guess what folks? This isn’t “our” bakery; it’s YOURS. Read on.

Ironically juxtaposed on the street level, literally above Hell’s Kitchen, your bakery started as a desperate need for more kitchen space downstairs –you should have heard the arguments about “whose turn it was to use the oven.” So we decided to expand out kitchen to a space up above us. But when customers heard about a full bakery finally coming downtown, their excitement and online chatter led to an epiphany: Why not also turn it into a “demonstration show bakery” so visitors could easily watch the artisans in action while we work? And to keep you rogues from pinching (aka swiping) sweets and treats destined for our downstairs restaurant diners, we could also offer our goodies for sale, so that’s how your cool bakery came about.

The Coffee Bar came at yet another “Oh My Lord” moment. We knew we wanted to offer coffee, so why not take it all the way and offer a full range of coffees without the attitude? And DUH, in keeping with our “everything made from scratch” mentality, why not even make our own coffee syrups? It was at this point that we realized Angel Food would be one of the very few non-chain, fiercely independent, serious coffee purveyors in downtown Minneapolis.

Thus was born Angel Food Bakery + Coffee Bar. Run by a family of neurotically inclined, customer-service oriented, real down-to-earth people who work their asses off day as well as all night long so you can waltz through the gates of heaven for a to-die-for religious experience. And although we’re producing baked goods as fast as we can, heaven can’t wait….get there early for the best selection.

What You Will See


Much like chefs have over the past decade, little by little, bakers are finally coming out from behind the scenes. In our case, it wasn’t some marketing ploy…it was born out of necessity because we didn’t have a huge space to bake for our downstairs restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen.

So when you walk into Angel Food, you’re walking right into a real working bakery. You’ll see us whirling about, kneading breads, rolling out cookie doughs, mixing up cheesecakes, and frantically running to the big ovens once the timers buzz loudly. And yes, you’ll occasionally hear some swearing when something doesn’t rise correctly or we’re trying to do too many things at the same time and something burns or doesn’t taste as planned and we dump it and have to star over. Welcome to our world!

Now here’s the fun part. Smack dab up against our “pastry finishing table,” where our Pastry Chef is putting the finishing touches on someone’s magnificent wedding cake, or icing cupcakes, or drizzling hot icing on a just-made donut, we have a tiny little counter with just 7 chairs that soon will be the most coveted seats in town. Fuggedabout front row seats to the Twins (hey by the way! did you know Hell’s Kitchen makes all of their meals?)…the best seats will now be those 7 coveted stools where lucky guests can buy a cup of coffee or sweet treat and watch us in action. Seven seats, Seven days a week. Yes, Sundays too….who said anything about a day of rest?

What We Make


Guess what WE found out when we started researching bakeries? Many bakeries, even the fancy pants L.A. ones, start their cakes with cake mixes out of a bag.

We start by cracking eggs. Organic, locally-sourced eggs from chickens that actually have a good life running around. We also use flour, milk, butter, and other natural, locally sourced ingredients, avoiding chemicals and impossible-to-pronounce additives. (Please note that our food coloring and sprinkles, however, cannot be guaranteed all-natural.)

Our styles are unique, modern, creative, fresh and fun. Even the folks from Martha Stewart noticed and asked us to teach some local workshops to private clients. Our apologies, but we DON’T make tall sculptured structures or character cakes with disney and other licensed characters. Not being uppity; just not our skill set.

Rather than gouge our customers, we take raw costs and labor into consideration to set pricing that’s reasonable while allowing for a fair but razor-thin profit. And actually, just to lure lunchtimers in, our $1 cookies are priced below our costs.

Each day’s selection cannot be posted online because we are a small-batch, non-automated bakery. All day long, cupcakes, cookies and pastries dance in and out of our rotation, depending on what sells out and what’s in the oven. See a favorite? Grab it right away…while we’ll keep making stuff all day long right in front of your eyes, those in the know get there early for the best selection.

Regarding gluten-free products and allergies…



While some of our products are marked GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE, or even occasionally VEGAN, our tiny bakery space CANNOT guarantee 100% purity because of the possibility of cross-contanimation. For example, although oats are gluten-free, the Quaker Oats we use cannot be certified “pure” due to their processing and transporting. (Even if we used 100% certified pure GF oats, our workbench, baking pans, and even airflow will still have traces of gluten.)

For customers following a gluten-free program as a dietary (vs medical) choice, we’ve marked certain goodies “GF Friendly,” but if you cannot tolerate even trace amounts of an ingredient due to Celiac Disease or other restrictions, please avoid even items marked as GF Friendly or Nut-Free.

Similarly, although our FOOD COLORING gels are from a natural products company in Germany, their colors cannot be guaranteed to be 100% pure. If you have any food coloring allergies, please avoid our colored frostings or sprinkles.

Anybody with serious allergies should avoid ALL free samples as well.


When we develop a gluten-free recipe, it has to pass our “swoon” test. If customers, both GF as well as regular, don’t swoon at first bite, we keep developing the recipe until they do, because we refuse to just throw something together just to increase GF sales.

That said, our most popular Gluten-Free items are a delicious BLUEBERRY OATMEAL COOKIE folks rave about, and a BANANA CHOCOLATE CHIP SCONE that sells out every single day. If you call 48 hours in advance, our Pastry Chefs can also make a FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE or CUPCAKES . And watch for our Gluten Free COCONUT MACAROONS that everybody, gluten-free diet or not, snaps up so quickly we can barely keep them in stock….which brings us to a little saying: the early bird catches the worm. Come early. We often sell out of the 2 or 3 GF items we bake for you as fast as we can.

What others are saying…


Thanks for the kind words, everyone! Keep the good thoughts and comments coming our way. We know people “in high places up above” who will grant you wonderful karma and easy entry into Heaven just for being lovely to us on Facebook, Yelp, Urban Spoon and other review sites.

“My work has brought in Angel Food for breakfast for the past two days, and seriously, these are the best goddamn pastries I’ve EVER had. Some delicious muffintops, WARM croissants, AND we even had some cupcakes for lunch, which were AMAZING. Everyone has been asking when you guys will be having your grand opening so they can buy some more Godly food!!! Thanks for hooking it up (as I’m eating my second croissant).”

“This is, without a doubt, the coolest urban bakery in the country.”

“The bakery is an absolute GEM!  Love it!  Love the peanut butter cupcake, love the décor, love the staff – I could sit there all day and graze out of the case while sipping coffee and day dreaming of owning a commercial baking oven….oh, and the BIRTHDAY donuts + loaf of sausage bread are my go-to gifts this year!!”

“I wanted to send my compliments your way as my friend and I stumbled upon your bakery this week during our daily lunch outing downtown. We couldn’t be more excited for your arrival as we have had the conversation so many times how we need a “To Die for Bakery” downtown and you guys have accomplished it! We are utterly addicted and in love! We’ve been telling everyone about you and have been back to pick up treats twice this week! You’re going to make me fat! At least I have to walk to get there…so that’s justification for a cupcake right??? Also the service with a smile was impeccable! We felt so welcomed with everyone smiling and laughing inside. I have nothing but great things to say about you, and I never do this, so the fact that I took the time to tell you this I hope means something to you!”

“Wow, you guys did it again! Super cool…..I heard you were finally open, then veered off of I-394 and JUMPED into your brilliant meter right in front. Ran in, loved it and grabbed some wonderful goodies. Great staff…..and very cool. The chandeliers are too perfect.”

“I’m not sure what other secret weapon you have in your back pocket, but name me any other bakery in town (the world?) that will have your amazing Hell’s Kitchen peanut butter as one of the ingredients.”

“I don’t have a sweet tooth, I can’t even finish a slice of cake. When my girlfriend brought a box of these little sweeties, it was just perfect. The size was great. I just didn’t finish 1 but even tasted the others. Now, I’m hooked. I’m on a mission to try everything they offer. My girlfriend loves sweets and it’s a dream come true for her that I’m now with her in this. Great decision to bring me those delectable treats, it’s like drugs..I’m hooked and I just can’t stop. I was even on a diet and so…goodbye diet..for now…”

“Your cakes are AMAZING!!!!! One of our co-workers just got married and had her cake made by Angel Food Bakery….best cake of any wedding I can recall!!!”